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Sally Acosta is a Louisiana Sate Licensed Midwife (LM) and a NARM certified professional midwife (CPM) who resides in Covington, LA.

Sally hails from New Orleans Louisiana, she is a mother of three.  Her first son was born in at University hospital in New Orleans, her next son was a home, waterbirth and her lovely daughter was an accidental back yard birth (see photo below).  Sally has attended over 120 births, and apprenticed with local midwives doing home births since 2004.  She also had the pleasure of  attending over 60 births at Andaluz Waterbirth Center in 2010.  Sally received her midwifery certification by attending a 3 year comprehensive, MEAC accredited course at Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon.  She is certified in neonatal resuscitation and CPR, she is also a medical assistant (MA) which gives her extra experience in using skills like phlebotomy, and IVs.


Angelina Rain 8/9/03 8lbs 9oz

The birth of my daughter shook my beliefs of what birth could be to the core.  I birthed her with very little pain and a complete absence of fear.  Her brothers helped shape my ideas around birth and how it could be, but she is the one who showed me clearly when it comes to birthing, only fear can interfere.

Becoming a mother brings unimaginable joy to life!


My journey toward midwifery started back in 1998 when I found myself birthing my first child at the age of 17.  The lack of care and kindness I received at the hospital was a complete shock to me.  Shortly after I moved to Oregon in 2002, I found myself pregnant with my second child.  I was overjoyed with being a mom again but terrified at the thought of having another traumatic birth experience.

I decided to avoid the hospital completely and chose a home birth midwife, honestly I had many fears regarding this decision.  However, when the day came and I found myself to be in labor for the second time, I felt completely at home (pun intended) with my choice.  My beautiful son was born in my bedroom, in water, after 12 hours of labor and 2 spontaneous pushes, my cervix was never checked and no one instructed me when to push.  How could this be?  Well little did I know, my body instinctively knew how to give birth, it needed no assistance, no instruction, and no intervention to bring forth life.

My daughter was born 16 months later in my backyard.  Luckily my midwife was present, even though I was not sure I was in labor.  She was born spontaneously after my water broke, her brothers where sitting in the grass behind us eating oranges as if nothing was happening.  Her birth changed my life!  I knew from that moment on, I wanted to help women have the birth experience they yearn for and deserve.

I moved back to the New Orleans area in June of 2011, I have yearned to come home for many years now.  I am so happy to be home with the people I love and thrilled to bring more midwifery care options to the city that has a piece of my heart (if not the entire thing)!

Please contact Sally for more information and to schedule your free consultation.


5 Responses to Your Midwife

  1. STAR says:

    ¨*•❤¸*•♪♫•*¨*•❤¸¸.•*•♫♪LET IT BE¸.•*•♫♪*¨*•❤¸¸.•*•♫♪¨*•♫•*¨*•❤

  2. Jennie says:

    What an inspiring story of becoming a mother! A midwife for every mother is all it takes.

  3. The B Family says:

    I had my first child with an epidural in a hospital. I had my second at home in water. It was a wonderful experience. Having a midwife was a totally different experience. I loved having the appointments at my home. Sally is very nice and makes you feel comfortable. My daughter said it was like having a friend come over. 🙂

    If you are interested in having a midwife, I suggest you meet with Sally and see if it’s a good fit for you.

    Thank you Sally!

  4. Alejandra Moreno says:

    I just read your History.. That happened to me (sorry about my english grammar, I´m an international student here in NOLA), well I only have one beautiful daughter (Martina), it was a Cesarean (because My Doctor was having family problems and he does´t has the time for a normal labor). It was sad, hard…

    Well it was almost 3 years ago and I´m not pregnant (yet ;)), I just way to know if you can assist a labor and a birth at home after a cesarean section if i decided to have another baby.

    Alejandra Moreno.

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