Sally Acosta, CPM, LM
Louisiana, Home Birth Midwife

Cell (985) 259-3557

Home (985) 893-8742

Please call for more information and to schedule your free consultation between the hours of 9am and 5pm, unless urgent.

How far will I go for a client?

I live in Covington Louisiana.  I am caring for women in the New Orleans area and must stay within two hours of them.  Because of this, I can not care for women more than an hour and a half from covington.  I do apologize if you are outside of my range…but I may know of someone who is practicing closer to you, so don’t hesitate to ask.

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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Victoria says:

    Hello, we would love to find a midwife that we can actually afford which I’m beginning to think is going to be impossible. We are on a very low income with a family of 7 and so really cannot afford much. I really want to avoid a hospital birth as I have had horrible experiences there. All ended in vaginal births though but I had to fight tooth and nail because I was not dilating as fast as they wanted me to during an induction, ugh. My first labor was all natural and was 2 ½ hours with 20 minutes of pushing. We made it to the hospital with 30 minutes to go. We would love to have a more hands off approach with limited appointments. We kind of just want a support person to ask questions of if needed. This is my 5th birth and I’m 16 wks pregnant due Sept 15th 2011. Any help you could give in this search would be greatly appreciative.


    • I would be willing to discuss a great discount (with a payment plan) seeing as you are asking for a more hands off approach with less appointments and you are a mother of many already. Please call me and we can discuss some affordable options for you, I strive to assure every woman can have the birth she desires.

      Sally Acosta

  2. Alison Hanks says:

    Do you VBAC?

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